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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of Coal India Limited-CIL are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 28-Mar-2020 09:00 AM 11-Apr-2020 06:00 PM 13-Apr-2020 11:00 AM [Roof treatment to prevent leakage/dampness in Non residential /welfare buildings under AEC of Sohagpur Area] [SECL/SGP/SO(C)/ e Tender/19-20/105 DT 27.03.2020][2020_SECL_169290_1] South Eastern Coalfields Limited||Sohagpur Area  
2. 27-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 24-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 27-Apr-2020 10:00 AM [Cleaninig / Maintenance of Garden at front of Office, Middle Portion of Office and front of Guest House at CCWO, Saraidhela, Washery Division] [BCCL/WD/ACE/Ten/CO/2019-20/27][2020_BCCL_168533_1] Bharat Coking Coal Limited||Areas of BCCL  
3. 25-Mar-2020 12:00 PM 15-Apr-2020 10:30 AM 16-Apr-2020 11:00 AM [Procurement of Surface Pump and Motor Sets ] [CRS/MM/QTN/19-20/298][2020_CCL_169113_1] Central Coalfields Limited||CRS Bakakhana  
4. 25-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 24-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 25-Apr-2020 05:05 PM [Repair and Maintenance of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir D16 Sector IX.] [BCCL/CED-KNTA/Tender/19-20/e- NIT/27 dt 16/03/2020][2020_BCCL_169098_1] Bharat Coking Coal Limited||BCCL-Hqrs||HQ_ADMIN  
5. 25-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 30-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 02-May-2020 11:00 AM [Misc. repair works in hostel, school toilets and providing vitrified tiles in the computer hall and rooms at Blind School of Hasdeo Area.] [GM/HSD/C/e-Tender/19-20/100 Date 21.03.2020][2020_SECL_169060_1] South Eastern Coalfields Limited||Hasdeo Area  
6. 25-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 24-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 25-Apr-2020 05:05 PM [Repairing of Shed in back side of Guest House of Koyla Nagar] [BCCL/CED-KNTA/Tender/19-20/e- NIT/28 dt16.03.2020][2020_BCCL_169158_1] Bharat Coking Coal Limited||BCCL-Hqrs||HQ_ADMIN  
7. 25-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 24-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 25-Apr-2020 05:05 PM [Repairing and renovation of Children Park in front of DAV School Sector X Koyla Nagar] [BCCL/CED-KNTA/Tender/19-20/e- NIT/29 dt 16.03.2020][2020_BCCL_169159_1] Bharat Coking Coal Limited||BCCL-Hqrs||HQ_ADMIN  
8. 25-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 24-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 25-Apr-2020 05:05 PM [Repairing of Garage (04 Nos) near civil GM office.] [BCCL/CED-KNTA/Tender/19-20/ e-NIT/30 dt 16.03.2020][2020_BCCL_169160_1] Bharat Coking Coal Limited||BCCL-Hqrs||HQ_ADMIN  
9. 24-Mar-2020 06:00 PM 15-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 16-Apr-2020 11:00 AM [Supply, Installation and Commissioning of four deck Cage] [BCCL/Pur/117217 118024/Four Deck Cage/19..../79][2020_BCCL_169152_1] Bharat Coking Coal Limited||BCCL-Hqrs  
10. 24-Mar-2020 10:00 AM 27-Apr-2020 05:00 PM 29-Apr-2020 11:00 AM [Girder replacement of Kep catcher at pit no. 2 of West JKD under JKD Sub Area.] [GM/HSD/C/e-Tender/19-20/101 Date 21.03.2020][2020_SECL_169061_1] South Eastern Coalfields Limited||Hasdeo Area  
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